Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mystery Reader - Farm Printables

Welcome Preschool Parents!  This morning your kids had Grandma Dent as the Mystery Reader.  She read the book, "Over on the Farm" by Christopher Gunson. This is one of our favorite books.  Your children should have come home with a few extension items, but I wanted to provide links to a few more for your enjoyment!

Over at you can find a FREE printable unit on farm related learning activities!  Click here to be directed to that.

Over at You can download another free printable unit on Farm life!  Click HERE for the direct link.

Over at you can find a fun printable relating to farm as well.  This one would be very suitable for any younger siblings who want to get in on the fun! Click HERE to be directed to that link.

All of these are FREE to download and easy to print.  I hope that you can continue the fun farm learning at home!  Have a great weekend!

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