Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoy Life - Crunchy Cookies Review @ELFCeo

I have blogged about the Enjoy Life products before.  You can read my previous review, here. Please check it out!    I love that this company produces products that are FREE of the Top 8 allergens and some others!  That is so comforting to this allergy mama!!  Its so nice to be able to tell a friend, yes anything you buy from the Enjoy Life brand is safe for my child!

Here is a great graphic from the Enjoy Life website that shows how allergen free they are!

This time I was provided 4 different Crunchy Cookies to review.  These cookies were given to me to review and the opinions are my own! :)

First I tried the Chocolate Chip cookie.
I got these cookies out during nap time at our house!  I decided I wanted to get them opened, photographed and sampled without any kiddo help.  Let me tell you that might have been a mistake!  These things are SO good!  It truly brought me back to my childhood!  These cookies are so crunchy they scream for milk!  They are perfect to dunk in your milk (whether dairy, soy or oat and hemp milk like at our house).  I got a container out to store the rest for later!  Yes, I did share some with the kids and saved one for the husband.  I could barely control myself!  No kidding!  YUMMO!   Everybody in my family LOVED these crunchy cookies!

The next cookies my family enjoyed was the Vanilla Honey Graham Crunchy cookie. To me this tasted just like a sweet honey graham cracker.  Graham crackers have been something that has been missed in this house.  We have not found one safe from our allergens.  However, this cookie will do the trick!  I can't wait to have smores with this cookie!  Add some vegan marshmallows and some vegan chocolate and we are set!  Everyone in the family liked this cookie as well, but my husband wanted it noted that his favorite is still the Chocolate Chip. I think perhaps I should have left him more than one to eat.  (The kids and I kind of got carried away in the tastiness!)

Double Chocolate was the third day of cookie tasting.  Wow, I love this one too. Its unique in its own flavor.    There are so many things that you could do with this cookie.  I think it would be great crumbled on top of  your favorite "ice cream" or pudding.  YUMM!  This cookie is great alone or with another sweet treat item! My kids and husband gobbled up this cookie as well! 

Our final cookie tasting day led us to the sugar cookie.  The Sugar Crisp cookie was great!  I love a sweet and crunchy sugar cookie!  It was perfect alone, however it would be well complimented with icing. I have big plans for this little cookie in the future!  I can see it being a well used versatile cookie that makes it to school parties and birthday parties so that my kiddo can enjoy "sugar" cookies with his buddies and not feel left out!

We were very pleased with all the New Crunchy cookies from Enjoy Life.  The cookies contain NO artificial ingredients or trans fats!  They are available at many natural food stores as well as conventional grocery stores throughout the US and Canada.  You can also shop online for these gems!  They are available through over 15 online retailers!  Click HERE to find a store near you that carries these awesome tasting cookies!

A special thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for providing these cookies to my family to review!  We love Enjoy Foods and are truly thankful that you make safe and yummy products!