Sunday, April 8, 2012

King Arthur Gluten Free Product Review @KingArthurFlour

I have been extremely blessed recently with trying new allergen free products!  Today I'd like to tell you about some King Arthur products that my family recently tried.  The information on the King Arthur website is amazing.  I wanted to read more about King Arthur and their Gluten Free products, this is what I found: "Our mixes, and some of our baking ingredients, are Certified Gluten-Free™ by the non-profit Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG®). GFCO products are tested to be less than 10ppm (parts per million) gluten. This is stricter than even the FDA requirement of less than 20ppm gluten." Not only are the products Gluten Free, but they are free from all Top 8 allergens.  The King Arthur websites notes: "Both our Certified Gluten-Free products, and the manufacturing facility, are free from the most common allergens: wheat, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, eggs, and dairy."  How nice is that?  That makes life alot easier for this allergen mama!  Love that dedication!! To learn more about their Gluten Free and allergen free products, including ingredients, click here.

The first King Arthur Gluten Free product I'd like to talk about is the bread mix.  In our house bread is certainly a staple item.  Especially with two little boys.  They love their sammys!  

I opted to make the bread in my dedicated gluten free bread maker.  Here is a picture of the mix before the cycle started in the bread maker.   The box contains the bread mix and a package of yeast.  You need to add butter or oil, 3 eggs and water.  I did substitute out the butter/oil for homemade applesauce.  It made my bread a touch softer, but we love it that way. For more tips on how to use this bread mix in your bread machine, visit King Arthur's tip page here.

The bread had a great rise and was well formed.  It had a wonderful fragrance that filled the house while baking! 

The top was perfect (in my book) it was rustic looking and perfectly crusty!

I cheated and did slice the bread while it was still warm!  Who can resist freshly baked warm bread? YUM!

Very excited with this bread mix.  We saved several slices out, to eat within the next couple of days and froze the rest.  The bread freezes very well.  We just pop a piece out of the freezer when we want a sandwich.  It warms to room temperature very quickly!

The entire family gives this bread two thumbs up!

The next product that we tried was the Gluten Free Cookie Mix.  This is a great drop cookie mix.  It is what I call a bare mix because you "add in" your favorite things.  For example, if you love chocolate chip cookies you can add in chips, or if you love cranberries you can add those too!

This recipe calls for butter, egg, water and your favorite add in.  I substituted applesauce for butter again and the cookies turned out great!

We added our favorite allergen free chocolate chips to the dough!  YUM!

The cookies were awesome tasting!  Very moist.  We ate several and froze the rest.  The cookies have froze nicely!  I love them frozen or thawed!  

Everyone in the family gave them two thumbs up!

The last product that my family tried was the Gluten Free Pancake Mix.  We used the mix and made waffles!

The recipe calls for you to add butter/oil, milk and eggs.  I substituted applesauce for the butter/oil and I used hemp milk instead of cow's milk.  The waffles turned out great!  They were so tasty and light.  We ate almost all of these!  I was able to freeze some and they froze great!

My entire family gave this product two thumbs up!

My family is very pleased with all of these products and would highly recommend them.  Here's a recap of what we LOVE:

  1. Free of Top 8 allergens
  2. Made in dedicated allergen free facilities
  3. Taste great!
  4. Freeze well
  5. Allows our family to eat the foods that we love, but know that we are safe from allergens.
Here are a few other things I'd like to share out the King Arthur Company:
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King Arthur was kind enough to provide these samples to me free of charge.  The opinions in this post are my own.  We truly enjoyed all the products and are grateful for the opportunity to try them!