Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorite Recipe Finds - Week of 2/26/12

Each week I see so many awesome recipes that I add to my "try list." So I thought it might be fun to start sharing those that I find so you can try them too! Let me know what fun recipes you find that you are adding to your "try list." :) You can click on the blog name to see the recipes.

Over at Gluten Free Vegan Mom, I found a yummy looking banana bread recipe.  It came from the recipe book, Babycakes!  I just checked it out at the library.  Its great!

I found a recipe for Black Bean Brownies...are you brace enough to try?

Over at Eat At Home Cooks, I found a recipe for a neat looking Taco Bake.  Mine will be sans meat, of course :)