Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother in-law's Birthday

Guest Post written by Shelly Garcia

A lot of people can't say this, but I absolutely LOVE my mother-in-law.
She is an "old school" Puerto Rican woman, and has no problem telling
you how she feels. Not that she's doing it in a mean way because she's
actually very sweet, she's just telling you how she feels. I think more
people should be that way.

Her birthday is coming up this Saturday and I wanted to do something
really nice for her. She always welcomes me into her home for my
birthday, so I would like to welcome her to my house for her birthday. I
will probably cook for her and bake her a cake. Maybe I will take a
little help from a bakery and buy something. I have been looking up easy
cheesecake recipes and I think I found one that I would love to make for
her. She loves coconut, so I figured what better than something called a
Tropical Cheesecake. It has coconut milk, shredded coconut, and ginger
in it. I believe she would actually like that a lot. Plus, knowing that
it's homemade, she will love it even more. It might even make her cry.

If I make a cake, I would need birthday candles, and people would have
to sing. I'm not a singer, neither is my husband, so I think a
cheesecake would be so much better. My husband and I have been trying to
eat better lately, so I would assume that a cheesecake would be the
healthier of the two. I could use low fat or non-fat cream cheese
instead of the whole fat kind. I just checked the recipe again, and it
calls for sour cream. I could use low fat sour cream for that as well.
Instead of the sugar, I could use an artificial sweetener like Splenda.

I guess I have made up my mind. Homemade Tropical cheesecake is it. This
will actually be my first 100% homemade cheesecake... wish me luck.