Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GratiTuesday: the quiet ear

I get into these weird funks lately, well ever since Toddler Veg was DX with life threatening food allergies.  The best I can describe it, is a roller coaster journey of emotions. Sometimes I get so frustrated when I read food packages and it contains a food that he can't eat. Until recently I had never used the phrase, "Its NOT fair!"  I had honestly just had enough; I was having a hard time  last week adapting recipes and finding food alternatives for him that met all his needs. I actually had a meltdown in the tortilla section of the grocery store when that phrase came out.  Embarrassing yes, forgivable yes (thank goodness).  I feel so blessed to have a Lord that picks me up when I fall, listens with a quiet ear and guides me with a gentle hand.  I get unbelievably stressed out at times over this new chapter in our lives, but He then steps in and gently takes my hand and walks with me (or sometimes rides with me) on the roaster coaster DOWN.  He's always there to make sure I make it to the top of the next hill.

Anybody else out there know this feeling?

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