Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Better Batter Chocolate Mix @betterbatter

Okay so we all know that I LOVE Better Batter products...I have professed my love for them before!  But I still have more to tell you about them....today its all about the Chocolate Cake Mix!

We attended a friends birthday party recently.  She was going to have chocolate cupcakes so I needed to make safe ones for little man.  I used the above mix to whip up some yummy tasting ones!

Here is a picture of the goodness before I added the frosting....

They turned out perfect!  They were SO yummy before I frosted them!  I actually put about half of them in the freezer so that we could enjoy them later!  I am not going to lie, if I didn't freeze them I would eat them in a day :)  LOL  Poor kids I know I made them for you, but mamma loves them :)

Regardless, here they are after I frosted them....

Double Chocolate YUMMO!

I also froze from with frosting as well!  I love the Better Batter products for many reasons, one of which is they freeze awesome!

Then fast forward a week and my older little man asks for an icecream sandwich.  We searched high and low for an ice cream sammy that was free from allergens, but we didn't have any luck.  Then right there in the middle of the store, my light bulb went on....I have unfrosted chocolate cupcakes in the freezer and I can buy allergen free "ice cream".  Yay!  I semi-thawed some unfrosted cupcakes and cut them in half.  I scooped some allergen free ice cream into the center.   Cha-ching...we have an allergen free ice cream sammy!  Yay!  I have been able to make so many creations with the Better Batter products! :)

I love you Better Batter...you have a customer for LIFE!

In all seriousness, I truly love all the Better Batter products I have used and reviewed.  Better Batter was kind enough to send me several products free of charge to review and use.  I appreciate it and I am beyond thankful to have found these products that make cooking allergen free much easier!