Monday, February 20, 2012

Diaries of an Allergy Mamma: Hidden Casein in Products

In November 2011, Toddler Veg at the age of 18 months old was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, soy and dairy. I plan to use this as a diary of events...the highs and the lows. I hope that as you read this you will chime in with any opinions, ideas, concerns or encouragement! Our journey begins now....

Over at A Gluten Free Vegan Mom knows...she recently posted a HUGE list of ingredients that can be secretly hiding casein.  If you have a kiddo with that allergy or any allergy you know how upset they can become if they ingest it! There were some surprises on the list such as caramel coloring typically contains it.  Yikes!  Read this post and save the names in your brain for when you are reading labels! :)