Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy January! Let's save some money!

Happy January! Its new year's resolution time, isn't it? We are nearing the end of January; how are your new years resolutions going? Mine aren't going too bad. Are you working on losing weight, eating healthier or saving money? One of my goals this year is to continue down our frugal healthy eating path. We try our best to buy organic "whole food" type of products as much as we can! We definitely have to watch some of our foods for specific allergens so that Toddler Veg will remain safe! I think it takes a bit more work to plan a healthy menu but the payoffs are much greater than buying processed unhealthy foods.
So many times I hear, "...but eating healthy costs too much." I think its time to stop with the excuses and make a life changing decision. Do I want to try my best to be healthy or continue on living life as I am? Its a personal choice, but my family is choosing healthy eating. By no means are we perfect and YES it is expensive. But as a family we have adjusted our budget to allow for healthier food items.
There are so many coupons out there these days. From the Internet, to the Sunday paper, to coupons right on the product at the store! With all these free coupons at your finger tips, take some time to utilize them! I am not saying spend hours and hours matching up coupons with food items (though it might pay off), but clip from the newspaper and search on the Internet for coupons of the healthy products you love. For example, our family likes the Kashi brand. Do you know how to locate a kashi coupon? For this brand I have seen coupons, also known as peelies directly on the product! This is a super simple way, if you are able to find those. You can contact the manufacturer to see if they have any coupons that they can send you. Often times manufacturers are willing and have coupons readily available if you simply ask. Finally, the most quick and easy way is to search the Internet. You can type in phrases such as "kashi," "locate a kashi coupon" or "kashi coupon." If you don't find what you want try switching your search words. Coupon availability changes all the time, so if you don't find what you are looking for try your search again in a few weeks!
Keep healthy!