Saturday, January 21, 2012

Activity: Pom Pom Put In

It is my goal this year to make at least one new activity each week for either Toddler Veg or Preschool Veg.  This week I made a pom pom put in!  We all know that I LOVE pom poms. 

I used a soft rubber silicone ice cube tray and counted out one pom for each space.  I like this tray because the spaces are different shapes.  Some are large and some as skinny which forces Toddler Veg to squish the pom down in the hole.  Even Preschool Veg liked this because "brother was doing it".  I am going to make one for Preschool Veg using beads and perhaps tongs to really work on the fine motor.  It was easy to create and fits perfectly into my bag for an on the go activity!  With allergens and germs out there I like to bring my own toys to restaurants for my kids to play with!  This activity is great for at home or on the go! 

Happy crafting!  Or if you aren't in the mood to make one I am selling them on my Etsy Page, click HERE to view the page! :)  Thanks for supporting our blog!