Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gratituesday: Visiting the Farm

Most every Sunday our family visits our friends farm to get some fresh eggs.  We are very blessed and spoiled to be able to visit such a fun place.  With the world being SO busy and SO hurried I am happy to let my boys climb and get dirty. Here is a pic of Preschool Veg looking at one of the cats.  There is ONE cat that lets us pet him; all the other cats are wild and run away.  On this particular day the sun was shinning bright and warming up this side of the barn.  Several cats were sunning themselves and let us get closer than normal.  See what the cold mixed with some warm sun will do!

Here is one of the goats at the farm!  The boys enjoy seeing the cats, chickens, goats, sheep and horses!  And of course the handful of candy Preschool Veg gets from the farmer each week doesn't hurt either! LOL

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