Friday, September 16, 2011

Preschool Learning - This week "AND", blue, triangle, Hh, 3

My new calendar came.  I ordered it with some points that I earned from our Amazon credit card, so it was free to me.  It is HUGE!  Amazon said that it was about 15 inches.!  Anyway, we made room for it and Preschool Veg LOVEs it!

We worked on cutting out some crazy zig zag and curvy lines this week!

 Preschool Veg worked hard to write H's and cut apart his H words!  He then placed them in his baseball card sheet which goes into his "finished work" binder.  Then we play our letter race game.  I shout out a picture name, he points at it and then runs to the other end of the room...touches the wall and runs back.  I usually participates and he always wins LOL  He's a fast little man!  It burns up some of his extra energy as well!
Here he is running....he climbs the slide and touches the wall, slides down and runs back to his seat!

This is a simple activity for him, but it requires him to SLOW down.  Slowing down is not and easy task for him.  He loves to string these and since it forces him to slow down and focus he had this in his independent work this week.

 We did our first lapbook this week.  It was Handy Manny!  It was simple and he LOVED it!  Veggie Tot was also very interested in the lapbook!
This matching puzzle game was part of the lapbook!

For Tot School this week I only added one activity...see below :)
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