Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Week's Freebies

So I am a touch late, but I don't have any freebies this week so this will have to do! :)

I scored all this for FREE at Meijer last week.  I had a $20 gift card for transferring a new prescription.  Veggie Tot is on medicine and they keep changing it so we have been able to take advantage of the prescription perks!  I also had $5 free from my MPerks.  Its coupons via your mobile number.  They don't come to your mobile phone, so you don't have to have a smart phone.  They do send you a few texts now and then.  But you log onto a website and load up coupons on your Mperks number.  So I had $25 free cash to spend, plus I had some coupons for the raspberries which  made them .50 each, a coupon for the natural creamer and a coupon for 4 of the organic baby food pouches.  Note...the one on the far bottom right that is being snatched off the table! :)  LOL