Monday, July 18, 2011

My $7 Target Trip

Just wanted a share a picture of the deals I scored at Target today.  It pays to take advantage of sales and watch for clerance. :)

Two pillows for .50 cents each using at coupon.  We go through a lot of pillows at our house with my boys. 
2 - 3 pk of balls for 1.99 each
2  Frisbees for .99 cents each
4 tapes for FREE
4 packs of pens for FREE
Flower pinwheel for the yard   .50
noise maker .50 (already thinking I'll regret that purchase  LOL)

The balls, Frisbees and yard flower I plan to throw in our gift bin and save for next Easter.  I plan to use the tape to wrap all our presents and I plan to share pens with family/friends and donate some :)  Yay!