Monday, July 18, 2011

This week's $20 Dents and Dings Finds

I enjoy visiting our local Dents and Dings store to see what I can find.  I try not to spend over $20 which isn't hard to do.  You can easily walk out of there with a big bag full for $10 :)  Today I got some toilet paper which made my price a bit higher. :)

Here is a picture of my goodies today:
2- 9 count packs of Charmin Ultra
2 packs of fiber one bars
2- 9 count packs of Motts for Tots
2 packages of Vegan Chocolate chips
8 count pack of PB crackers
12count pack of Poptarts
4 squeezable applesauces
1 organic honest tea (my favorite thing in the world)
2 packs of hamburger buns
2 packs of pitas
bottle of pancake syrup

 I find that if I go a day or two after the truck load arrives it gives them plenty of time to get the items on the shelves.  I have been finding LOTS of organic/vegetarian and vegan items :)  yay!