Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coupon Tip - Rain Checks

I recently got my FIRST rain check.  I need to start doing this, but I really hadn't ever taken the time!  So these Huggies wipes were on a HUGE sale (that was in the ad, that is key) at Kroger.  With a coupon, they were FREE.  So of course EVERY store was out of them.  So I asked for a rain check.  So with my coupon and lovely rain check I was able to score them free!  (However, Kroger has now changed many of their coupon polices and only allowing 3 of the same coupon.  Glad I snuch this deal in before that change!)

So if an item you are looking for is on sale and in the ad, but is no where to be found on the shelf...ask for a rain check.  You'll be glad you did!