Monday, March 14, 2011

Give Me Neither - some website love

I am a big fan of this website!  This blog is very colorful and modern and I just adore the font she uses.  Okay so that made me sound totally dorky but her font is easy on the eyes!  LOL  Seriously, I love it.  Those who know we are just rolling their eyes! 

Anywho, this website has an interesting start is a little bit of the blogs start story:
A few weeks after beginning this blog, our church had White Bucket Sunday. The teaching that morning was about the early church and how the people shared everything in common. At the end of the teaching that morning, white buckets were placed around the stage. We were then asked to evaluate our lives right now. Did we have more money than we needed and could share with others? Or did we need money to help cover the bills that were piling up? Either way, we were instructed to come to the buckets; to put money in if we could or to take money out if that is what we needed. I have never experienced anything quite like that before.
…this has become my white bucket project.

How powerful that must have been!  Certainly challenges you as a reader; do you have a white bucket project?

This blog is great for listing the most recent coupons, hot deals and store deals!  I love bargaining from this site!!

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