Monday, March 14, 2011

CFM - for your restaurant needs

So as I am doing a little research on purchasing a grain mill I checked out the CFM or Commerical Food Machinery website! (A little something special for my Australian readers!)   They have lots of equipment on this site to purchase.  It does cater to commerical businesses, however there are many items that a foodie like myself could purchase! 
The site has everything from coffee grinders,  mixers, deep fryers,  microwave ovens, and convection ovens!  They are a leading provider of restaurant equipment in Australia, however will ship to the United States!   They even make custom items, if you need some specific they don't have just ask! The website is very easy to navigate and if you scroll to the bottom you can find their latest promotions and current deals!    If you are starting your own restaurant or know someone who is, point them to this website!  It has everything they will need!