Monday, January 3, 2011

Shopping at Wasserstrom is a site that I have visited before and recently went back to check on a few items.  Wasserstrom focuses on many areas of food prep such as professional cookware, chain restaurant supplies, restaurant equipment  and even Wasserstrom restaurant supplies
Wasserstrom works to service both restaurants and aspiring home chefs. :)  I was looking for some storage contains for my food, particularly beans/grains.  I plan on buying my beans and grains in bulk now (50 lb bags) and I was looking for some great storage options.  I found some great options under Kitchen supplies and then food boxes and storage containers.  I want to keep my food fresh and I knew coming to a restaurant supplier would be the best place to start my search!
I am also in the market for a new skillet; Wasserstrom has a great selection.  For those current Wasserstrom users out there, what is your recommendation?
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