Monday, January 3, 2011

Recycle bank...some website love!

Okay I have been using Recycle Bank for a few months and thought I'd share... as you can earn some GOOD coupons and items by helping the earth!  Some of my favorite saving and money saving :) rewards you for taking positive green actions in your life!  You can create an account for free and start earning your points today!   Directly from their FAQ section on their website I learned:

Q: What is RecycleBank?

RecycleBank is the premier rewards and loyalty program that motivates people to recycle and to engage in environmentally virtuous activities.
Q: How does recycling help my city/community?

In so many ways!
preserves your environment
saves your city money by helping your city avoid landfill fees
generates revenue from the sale of recyclables
reduces pollution and litter

Members of the RecycleBank program can earn Points in a variety of different ways - through home recycling, recycling their electronics, and by participating in some of our partner programs. See all of the current ways to earn Points, by visiting the Earn Points section. In the home recycling program, your RecycleBank cart will be weighed each week upon pick-up. The weight will then be translated to RecycleBank Points. The more you recycle, the more your household can earn. In a few select communities, households earn rewards based on their equal share of the total amount that their entire community recycles.

I sure wish that my community had this specific recycling program! At the current moment we have to lug our recyclables into town each week!  We usually have 3-5 garbage bags of them plus a few boxes!
Currently on this site I have participated in the partner opportunities such as joining the eBay club  and exploring the Future Friendly Home to earn points.  I have earned enough points that I have recently gotten the following coupons: $1 off Honest Tea (2 of them) and $3 off one Kashi item.  I was able to choose from a large selection of items including coupons! 
RecycleBank even has an app for those tech lovers out there!  This was not a paid post, I just wanted to share a way I am earning coupons and also helping the earth!
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