Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This year I am going to be adding a few new fun "posts" to my normal schedule!

 I will be adding a post section called  "Websites (that I love)".  In this section I will share websites that I use daily/weekly to save money!  I am always finding new awesome sites out there and want to share what I find.  I hope that you too, will also share with me what you use!

I will also be adding a  "$1 treats" post to my blog.  I am often running errands with my little guys and we like to get a treat when we are out, however being a SAHM with little income I don't want to break the bank, just for a treat.  So in this section I will feature treats that I find in the community for $1 or less!

I will also continue to share good coupons as I find them, share my buys/freebies of the week as well as any good "buys" via the web.

As always, on Wednesdays you can expect a new recipe that I have recently tried!  I am looking forward to seeing what the new year has to offer!  Thanks for being a follower!