Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Dishwasher Tabs

My tip for you today is to help ease the the dishwasher routine.  We are constantly washing dishes at our house.  We make so much from scratch and we have many separate utensils/plates etc that are allergen free so we produce many dirty things!  We love using dishwasher tabs, but it always seems like I was getting into the cabinet, below the sink, and struggling with the child proof lock.  I decided to use one of my pretty ball jars and place the tabs in them. It makes the dishwasher routine so much easier!  I can get them in and out of the jar even while holding a cranky toddler! :)  And its safe because they sit high on the counter and the little man can't undo the latch! :)

What are you doing to make your life easier?