Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gratituesday: The Glasses

Hello Graitituesday readers!  I'm back. :)  Sorry for being absent with my Menu Plan Monday and Gratituesday posts, but I have not been feeling well, we had spring break, both Grandmas came to visit and of course there is always stress.  Which brings me to these:

Theses are my computer glasses.  I have glasses so that I can see far, however if I  DON'T wear them when I am on the computer for long periods of time then I get headaches.  Well I placed these guys away in May of 2010 when I quit my day job for the best job ever (stay at home mama). I have been having more headaches lately, even if I am on the computer for a few minutes.  I decided today I needed to try those glasses.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  In typical 'me' fashion I get myself worked up and stressed out about it. Finally, I gave up and prayed for the Lord to take all my stresses and lift me up. I stress when I know that HE has a plan and I shouldn't. Honestly, I let it go and within 5 minutes a heard a noise, turned my head and saw the glasses case sticking out of a pile of "stuff" on my husbands dresser.  Its amazing how God uses some of the little things in life to teach lessons.  Lessons that not only apply to the little things but to the big things.   He's got our backs, we just needs to sometimes take a step back and relax :)  (Note to self: do as I say, not as I sometimes do!)

How is the Lord working in your life?

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