Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting ahead in the blogging world

As a blogger I am always looking at ways to get ahead in this blogging world :)   I wanted to let you know about BizzClick.  It is a pay per click type of business that works with publishers and advertisers! From the publisher stand point, BizzClick can help drive more traffic to your site.  They even have a publisher referral program where you can earn a lifetime 5% from your refferals work.

Joining is free!  So far as a new member I have been exploring their promo tools area.  I am learning about ad boxes, search boxes, site feeds, graphic feeds, pop up search boxes and public feeds.  All of these tools can help you are a publisher blogger. They also have live chat as a support option!  It is pretty important to be able to talk to a member of the support team 24/7, you know never when you are going to need help!  Its worth checking out!