Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Bag: Shape Hunt, I Spy Style

It is my goal this year to make at least one new activity each week for either Toddler Veg or Preschool Veg.

This is a fun activity that can be mobile or done while seated.

Print off a set of shape "flashcards".  Print on cardstock or laminate for durability.  Cut apart.

To play the game:  The first player draws a card.  The player reads the shape.  Then each player takes turns "spying" something in that room in that shape.  For example, if the card is a circle.  The player says "Circle."  Then the player might point to a clock in that room.  The game continues until all shapes have been found. Everyone wins; this game focuses on turn taking.

*Variations- you can go on a "hunt" throughout the house looking for items of that shape.

If you are making this for a busy bag swap, each participant would get a set of cards (on card stock or laminated) and the set of directions (to play game & variations) in their bag.

Printable shape flashcards can be found here.   Print both pages (2 of them) for a complete set.  They are slightly different from the ones pictured above.  The ones pictured above are from a download that I purchased from Confessions of a Homeschooler, but I am not allowed to share that download.