Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy Bag: Notebook Set

It is my goal this year to make at least one new activity each week for either Toddler Veg or Preschool Veg. I haven't been lacking on making activities; I have been lacking on posting them! I'll do my best to get caught up over the next few weeks :)

I try to make all of my busy bags reusable activities.  This one is reusable to an extent.  Eventually it will run out but you can get LOTS of uses out of it.  From the dollar store I bought a page of 4 mini notebooks for $1.  I had some new crayons at home and some stickers at home.  In a baggie I placed a notebook, crayons and stickers.  This is perfect for restaurants because its compact and portable!  You can buy lots of stickers at the dollar store!

If you are making this as a busy bag to swap you need:
1 mini notebook
6 new crayons
1 sheet of stickers
(per participant)

**I always have this handy in restaurant settings.  I can't let Toddler Veg use the restaurant crayons.  The chance of the kid before him using them and have a food allergen on his hands (therefore transferring to the crayons) is just too big of a risk to take.