Tuesday, February 21, 2012

52 Weeks, Healthier ME and YOU

Over at Skinny Mom's Kitchen, she is hosting a 52 Week series to Healthier Weight Loss Habits.  You can see her tips and tricks page by clicking HERE.   I like and appreciate that each tip/suggestion she gives is one that she is capable of doing herself, as a busy mommy!  

Review of my challenges from last week:
  • Prioritize Sleep  hum....not as successful as I wanted this week.  I had some later nights and some really early nights to bed.  I guess if you average them I'd be in the "good". :)
My Challenges this week:

  • Minimize burnout.  So is Skinny Mom channeling me?  I have been facing some burn out in the last week or two.  This week I will follow Skinny Mom's tips and prioritize/organize, start the day with something you like (mine...coffee), stop overextending yourself (who me?) and unplug.  I have unplugged some from Pintrest.  I just kept logging on like I was going to miss something.  Yikes!  I do have alot to work on.  I think the focus for this week is called "calm" :)  To read more about this week, click HERE.

These are my challenges this week!  My hard work has resulted in a .8 lb loss.  Yaya!  How is your week going?  Got any tips to share?