Friday, February 10, 2012

Better Batter Pancake and Biscuit Mix @betterbatter

I have been lucky enough to review several Better Batter products and today I am going to tell you about their Pancake and Biscuit Mix!  (PS, I LOVE all their products, but I'll just dish on the Pancake and Biscuit Mix today!)

First, let me tell you a little bit about the company and how I came to find them!  As you may know, my little guy suffers from many food allergies.  I was searching for a "flour" that was gluten free as well as being free of many other allergens.  My friend passed me the website address for Better Batter.  I decided that I would call them to talk to their customer service rep.  Let me tell you that after talking to this wonderful lady, I was SO confident in all their products!  Not only are their products Gluten Free but they are free of many other allergens.  Its my understanding that there are products produced with allergens on the same grounds BUT they are in a totally separate building then all the Better Batter products.  When a person enters the Better Batter building they must change clothes, all the way down to their hair nets to avoid cross contamination!  The rep informed me of their cleaning schedule which includes even cleaning the air system!    They most impressed me on the phone!

Not only did they impress me on the phone, but their products impressed me as well!  Here is the product I'd like to talk about today:

My boys eat pancakes or waffles at least twice a week....if not more!  So first I made pancakes.  Here is a picture of the fluffy, most moist pancakes I have ever had....

I made little cute half dollar size pancakes!  They were SO fluffy and tasted SO good!  I used the recipe on the box which was super simple and included minimal ingredients!  Who knew what I was missing? :)  Seriously these are the best ones I have ever made and the best part is the entire family can eat them because they are allergy free for us!  Yay!!

The next time I am going to throw in a few Vegan Allergen Free Chocolate Chips as a surprise for my boys.  They are going to love it :)

Next, I tried their Magic Muffins recipe that was right on the box.  Here is a picture of my delicious "Magic Muffins."

I loved that this recipe gave you information for add-ins.  I opted to put in some add ins.  I added in some diced fresh apple, as well as vanilla and a touch of cinnamon.  Wow!  This muffin is great alone, but adding in some extras makes it ridiculously good!  Just like the pancakes, this little guys were fluffy!  I can't get over how fluffy this mix makes things!  They were easy and yummy!

Thank you to Better Batter for your hard work in creating such a great product!  I can't express how good it makes me free to have a yummy product that is safe for my entire family to eat!

I highly recommend this product (and all Better Batter products).  You can purchase directly from their site and I have also purchased them at Whole Foods!

PS...both recipes I made froze wonderfully!  So get some product and make a double batch for freezing cooking!