Thursday, February 9, 2012

52 Weeks, Healthier YOU and Me: Week 5

Over at Skinny Mom's Kitchen, she is hosting a 52 Week series to Healthier Weight Loss Habits.  You can see her tips and tricks page by clicking HERE.   I like and appreciate that each tip/suggestion she gives is one that she is capable of doing herself, as a busy mommy!  
Review of my challenges from last week:

Challenges this week:
This week's challenge is not to drink all your calories.  At one point in my life I had cut out pop.  The when I started to have babies, I craved that fizz.  Until recently, I only had it for a treat.  But I noticed that since I am counting calories I am drinking pop more again...its diet, but still its pop.  I need to work on that.  You can read more about Week 5, here.  One of the tips that Skinny Mom gave this week was to order a smaller size and order your coffee with skim milk and no whip.  So today, I was able to head out for a special coffee treat with a friend.  I had looked up the coffee before I went and I knew how many calories I was going to allow myself for my treat.  By ordering a small drink with no fat whip and skim milk the drink was reduced calorie wise by 40%.  Isn't that crazy!

These are my challenges this week!  My hard work has resulted in a 2 lb loss.  Yaya!  How is your week going?  Got any tips to share?