Friday, January 20, 2012

This week's freebies

I took advantage of some prescription transferring this week.  I got $25 free in groceries at Kroger with transferring a prescription and I earned $10 free at Meijer.  The Meijer deal was a Catalina type coupon that printed at the register for me one day.  When I used it another one for $5 free (next time) printed for me.    So the hair color was free due to a bad experience my mom had; they company sent her a coupon for a free box.  I have used it and love it...but she did not have my same luck.  I used printable coupons from to get the Organic tomatoes for free.  The cashier manually inputted those so I got  .40 overage.  The tuna was free and will go to our local food bank.  The store brand Tylenol and Motrin was free with my $10 from Meijer.  The Dr Pepper was free with a coupon that Kroger sent me.  I get Kroger flyers every once in a while and it had a .75 one for Dr. Pepper.  When it doubled I got it for free :)  The deodorants were .06 after a doubled coupon but I used part of my $25 Kroger money.  I also used some of my Kroger money for the Gluten Free bagels and hair spray.  All in all, it worked out nicely and I still have $10 to spend at Kroger from the original $25 :)