Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (1/15/12) and freezer cooking

This week for Breakfast:
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins (Gluten Free Pantry) with enjoy life chocolate chips
Gluten Free Waffles with scrambled eggs (King Arthur Mix)
Lazy Granola and Yogurt (soy and milk based yogurt)
Gluten Free Pancakes with scrambled eggs (King Arthur Mix)
** Lemon Yogurt Muffins
** Banana Muffins
For the pancakes and waffles I try to make a double batch and freeze them so I can cut my breakfast making time down! I try to do a breakfast with eggs on 'school' days so that preschool Veg has some extra energy! There are times when breakfast fails or we don't have enough time! Then I use the Giant Breakfast Cookies, that I have stashed in the freezer!

For lunches, we are continuing our "homemade lunchables". The kids lunchables will be filled with homemade applesauce, lots of fresh fruit, gluten free snack items, fresh fruit, gluten free crackers with soy nut butter (honey) and also gluten free PB sammys!

For dinners:
Weekend of 1/15 free for all, Papa's out of town!
Monday- Welcome back to America, Papa, we missed you!

Most of our menu is a carry over from last week.
Homemade Vegan Alfredo with GF noodles
Homemade Spag Sauce with GF noodles and GF Garlic Bread
Taco Corn Fritters and mashed po
Rice and Veg Soup
Dinner @ Magic Mountain for Papa's work
CAP dinner for mamma @ Whole Foods and left overs for the boys and Papa

  We are focusing on buying healthy food of course, with no artificial colors or flavors as well as peanut, tree nut, dairy free and gluten free.  Its raised our weekly grocery costs.  So we are enjoying these weeks where our grocery buying is minimal.

To check out more weekly menu plans visit orgjunkie.com or to see what other bloggers have on their menu plans 'this' week, click HERE.

I also did a load of freezing cooking this past weekend.  Cooking sometimes is how I handle stress.  If I had a freezer larger than my side by side I would have cooked more!  Here is what I got....

2 loaves wheat bread (fresh milled flour) not pictured

2 dozen corn bread muffins, not pictured

5 meals of Taco Corn Fritters (special ones for Toddler Veg in each batch), made allergen free/gf

3 meals of stuffed peppers, gluten free

4 quarts of extra stuffing for more peppers (whoops made too much)

2 meals, 1 lunch of Veg Rice Soup, gluten free

2 EXTRA large meals of Teriyaki Stir Fry, gluten  free , recipe to come

1 extra quart of homemade sauce for other stir fry

2 EXTRA large meals, 1 lunch of Veg Lentil Stew, gluten free

2 dozen lemon yogurt muffins for the girls freezer cooking exchange

1 dozen lemon yogurt muffins, safe for Toddler Veg, some eaten not pictured made allergen free/gf

3 dozen (small) double choc cookies, safe for Toddler Veg (some eaten not pictured) can be allergen free/gf

1 dozen banana muffins, some eaten not pictured and safe for Toddler Veg  can be allergen free/gf