Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Posted by Arden Wallace
I have started to get into some family history research. I was inspired by a segment that I saw on the “Today Show” a while back. They listed important resources for tracing your family lineage. There is one website in particular that I have learned about that is a huge resource. I have been accessing FamilySearch.org with my 4G wireless internet service connection. The website has hundreds of thousands of records. They are immigration records, marriage records, death records, and also census information. Some of the information even goes back to Europe. The site has lots of documents from Ireland, England, and Germany. The website is run by the church of Latter Day Saints. I just can’t believe how many records they have. I have a really unusual last name and have never been able to find out any family information until I find this site. Apparently, my family members came to America in the early eighteen hundreds from England. The first port that they reached was in Savannah, Georgia where they are registered. It’s funny, my family still lives in Georgia. The internet is a great research tool.