Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy Bag: Paper Plate Color Match

Photo rights belong to: www.faithinsmallthings.com  Please visit their site!

This is a fun busy bag!  It should have at least 4 different colored plates but can have more colors.  It should contain a bag of pom poms that are the same color as the plates.  I would recommend at least 5 poms for each color.  This bag should also have at least two different clips.  The clips will be used to pick up the poms and place on the correct color plate!  Your child will have fun working on color recognition, matching, sorting and fine motor skills!

I recently looked at found all these items at the dollar store.  The plates could be easily substituted for colored bowls or laminated color paper, just as long as it all fits into a gallon sized baggie! :)