Monday, December 12, 2011

This week's freebies! Week of 12/4

Again, very blessed in the freebie category this week!  I was able to pick up 4 liters of sparkling water, 4 cans of organic fire roasted tomatoes, 5 cans of Campbell's soup, 4 bags of organic carrots (which I plan to freezer cook with) and 4 boxes of baby rice cereal.  All of this was at Meijer!  The baby food should have been 22 cents a box and the soup .09 a can but the cashier manually entered my coupons which gave me some overage! Yay!

These are my freebies from Wh. Foods.  The organic corn meal, I obtained using a store coupon stacked with a manfu coupon and I got a little overage.  The overage paid for the rice milk, which was 50 cents a box.  I scored that deal with a manfu and store coupon!  The chips were .29 after a store coupon and because free with some overage! :)  Yay!

I had to repost this...there was an error the first time and it didn't post...sorry!