Monday, December 12, 2011

Eating Out With Allergies: Mellow Mushroom @MellowDublin @MellowMushroom

With a new peanut/tree nut and milk allergy, eating out can be very scary!  We researched and found that the mellow mushroom has a gluten free menu.  They did recently start to serve peanut butter on their kids menu, but after talking with the staff I was comfortable of their cross-contamination practices and knew the pizza didn't come in contact with it.  We were able to get a gluten free pizza made with Vegan cheese.  It was amazing!  You have to order a medium size (not small), but honestly my 18 month old ate 3 pieces for lunch and ate another 2 for dinner.  (It reheated great)That is how much this kiddo liked it!  I enjoyed it myself!

It was nice to know that a fun and exciting place can offer a safe menu for my child and family!  I have visions of him hanging out with his friends when he's older and getting pizza.  Its nice to know that he now has that ability, even though he has life threatening allergies.

Wanted to share our experience!  Thank you Mellow Mushroom, Dublin Ohio for thinking "outside of the pizza box" and creating safe opportunities!