Saturday, December 31, 2011

New organization

Welcome 2012!  Its hard to believe that another year has rolled by!  One of my goals in 2012 is to become more organized!  We have been cooking alot more from scratch due to Toddler Veg's food allergies, so I am looking for ways to organize my food items!  One food item that I do not have organized very well are my spices!  I have some here and some there!  They are in all different size/brand containers, which drive me nuts!  Anybody out there know what I mean?

I currently have a spice rack in my pull out drawer, which works okay but I need to get more high tech.  I was thinking of doing a wall spice rack.  Does anybody out there have one of those?  I am curious what your feelings are.  I think it could be very pretty!  You could make it into art with all the colors of spices that are out there!  So my journey of exploring kitchen spice racks has begun!  I'll keep you updated!