Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preschool Learning - playing catch up!

I am a little late getting this posted.  This is for the last two weeks, not including this week.  Toddler Veg had a 2 day hospital stay so we had to stretch out the learning to fit it all in.  He's doing much better now!

For school we did a lot of hands on activities with toys, games and other stuff we already had.  This week (I'll post about in a few days) we used hands on and paper activities.  Last week I just wanted to give them a little break.

Preschool Veg had gotten a color explosion pack for his birthday.  We got it out and the boys LOVED it!  They were very excited to use the special marker and make color appear!

This is a fun race track that my mom found at a garage sale for $1.00 this summer.   Its a large track but it folds up nicely for storage!  The best part is there are NO batteries involved with this toy!  The kids have to crank the car up, then push a bottom and it ZOOMS around!  We had fun counting backwards to start the races!  We talked alot about the cars and build ramps on this track.  Before we'd race with a new ramp we'd "guess" what was going to happen.  The boys loved it!

This is a great game that Preschool Veg got for his birthday from his other grandma!  You can play the game about 3-4 ways!  It was lots of fun and we practiced many skills while playing!

This was a printable that I got from one of the sites below!  You are supposed to cut apart the letters so they are in long strips, BUT he was SO excited to play it that I didn't have time to cut it!  It is a great activity that he can do independently during his "quiet times."  Currently, his spoons just have capital letters on them!  I need to hit up the dollar store to get more spoons so I can write the lower case letters for matching!  He had fun talking about the sounds that letters make!

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