Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Day Giving Challenge: Week 3 #30DayGive

Through various blogs that I follow I found the 30 Day Giving Challenge!  We should be thoughtful all year long, however this challenge will definitely get us in the spirit of Thanksgiving!  Anybody can give and there are SO many ways that you can give!  Whether you are helping a stranger or a friend or giving your time or money...you can give!   I look forward to involving my little guys to help teach them about giving and sharing love! :)

So we have a lot to be thankful for!  I missed last week's post because we were trying to get back into the swing of life after Toddler Veg was admitted to the hospital with asthma for 2 nights.  So we are working to get a grip on having a 18 month old with asthma.  During that time I was amazed at how much time, love and other 'stuff' our family GAVE to us.  Friends watched Preschool Veg while we were at the hospital, family drove through the night to be with us.  Just amazing!  So in the spirit of giving we have been making "Have a great day" signs and putting them in our neighbors mailboxes!  We have also made some donations to the local food pantry! I have organized my children's clothes and toys and made donations in that area as well.  I am hoping that somebody will benefit this holiday season! My kids seem to enjoy the extra giving!  Let's keep it going!
Here's how to participate:

  • Print a Giving Calendar and enter your ideas for giving in each day’s block, or use it to keep track of your giving each day.

  • Tell your friends about the 30-Day Giving Challenge. Giving together is even more fun, and you can spark each other’s creativity.

  • Journal your giving. This is a POWERFUL tool. You can see how God can use YOU to make a difference.

  • Be part of the conversation on Facebook. Check out their facebook page for some giving ideas.

  • Be part of the conversation on Twitter (#30DayGive).

  • Submit your giving story on our Contact page. (the originating blog)

  • Each week a different 30-Day Giving Challenge blogger will be hosting a post about giving. You can leave your stories in the comments on those posts (or link up your own post if you’re a blogger). You’ll find the posts on these sites: