Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learning - This week Tt, green, 2, sqaure and "THE" - Preschool

This week we got a late start due to the holiday, but its been a fun week so far!  Here are some pictures from the week!  I posted links at the bottom of this post... to the websites that I printed materials from.

 We did some color matching, I am using preschool Veg to model for Veggie Tot. :) He always wants to do what BIG brother does.
 Some letter Tt practice.  Preschool Veg was not really into this today but he made it through his work!
 Preschool Veg LOVES youtube, so I created an account and made playlists for each week.  So this week he watched pre-determined movies on the letter t, the number 2 and the color green.  I also added in some fun songs as well!
 Here he is working on a size sort that is using an animal that starts with the letter Tt and it is GREEN.
 We bundled up on this cold and kinda rainy day for a walk!  Preschool Veg was all about taking Veggie tot for a wagon ride.  So cute when they love each other so much :)
 Sticker, counting and 1-1 practice!
 I found these glitter poms at the dollar spot in Target.  Both kids LOVE them and will do any work that involves them :)
This pictures is a little blurry but he's working on patterns. :)

Today we worked for almost 2 hours straight between mommy learning time, independent time and centers!  Then we ate lunch and went for a long walk!  I am so proud of my little learners!

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