Monday, August 8, 2011

Freezer cooking - Homemade Waffles

Okay, so I have made an extra batch of waffles and froze them before...but this was my first attempt at my new freezer cooking/OAMC plan of action :)   So I made a double batch of Whole Wheat Waffles with freshly milled flour.  (I will do a feature post on the recipe later on!) The Veg boys and I had them for dinner, so we at a few of the  dozen and a half that I made.  My waffle iron makes them at 4.5 inches square.  I decided to individually wrap them in the quantities that I think we'll need instead of sticking in a huge bag.  I am hoping to wash and reuse the bags :) I think I won this round! :)  Yay me!