Friday, July 22, 2011

This week's freebies!

I had another great week for freebies!  Getting stocked up on some school supplies for ourselves, friends, family and the local food pantry!  I have a lot of tape and pens, however I did not shelf clear.  I visited several stores throughout the week :)

I scored two free packs of buns and two free packs of pitas from the local Dents and Dings store.  We ate one pack of buns this week, the rest are going into the freezer!

I typically don't shop Walmart, but I gave it a try this week.  I ad matched the tape to Target's ad price and got overage on the tape.  So I got all for free.

2 redbox rentals
6 pack of kool aid
7 tapes
travel size body wash

Whole Foods-
2 toilet papers
2 boxes of crackers

glad sample

Target (3 trips, 2 stores)
16 tapes and I was able to get .50 overage on EACH! (this is not typical)
16 packs of pens
With my overage I got my preschool Veg two books, only one is pictured...the other one is hidden on the book shelf already and I purchased a new pillow :)