Friday, July 22, 2011

Its a keeper coupon - Alexia Products

I love the entire line of Alexia products from their rolls to french fries to onion rings!  I haven't had the new sweet potato crispy bite puffs yet, have you?  Right now... if you write a review on the Alexia website, using a 'screen name' (not your real one) and you don't even have to include your email you can get a 1.50 off coupon for any products of theirs.  After 50,000 coupons have been printed the coupon value will change to 1.00.  Its a keeper coupon!  I often see Whole Foods has theses on sale and often times WF has a coupon you can stack with it.  (they currently don't but could in the next month)  I have also seen great deals on these at Kroger!

Print $1.50 off any Alexia Product