Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dents and Dings Finds $19

I have been visiting my local "dents and dings" food outlet that I recently stumbled upon.  They get a new truck in every week or every other.  Its quite hit or miss, but today I felt good about my purchases.
For $19 I got:
5 fruitable juice boxes (love the veg/fruit mix)
4 soccer ball drinks (impulse buy by my 3 year old :) )
3 boxes of non-gelatin fruit snacks
6 - individually packaged Ian's cookies (gluten/wheat free)
22 snack bags of Snyder's pretzels
Large box of dino grahams
2 jars of honey/soy nut better.  LOVE this stuff.  Its over $5 a jar at Whole Foods
1 box of organic pastries (like pop tarts)  They did have lots of regular pop tarts today as well!

A quick guess would be for $19 at the store I probably could get the 2 jars of honey/soy butter, Ian's cookies and that is about it :) 

Its worth a search to see if you have a similar type of outlet near you.  You have to know your prices though!  They have lots of cereal for 1.50-2 but with a coupon and a sale I can get it WAY cheaper.  So its best to know your prices.  I also found this place has a facebook page.  I subscribe to their feed so I know when their truck is arriving and plan to go in a day or two after it arrives.  I give them time to get everything sorted, priced and stocked on the shelves.  Just a fun new adventure!