Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its a keeper coupon - Meijer - Chi Chi's Salsa

REPOST:  If you have a .50/1 jar of salsa coupons it will be FREE at Meijers this week!

There is a coupon I often see in the Sunday paper; its for .50 off one Chi Chi's Salsa product!  (I'll post a pic next time I see it)  I have found that Meijer at least once every three months (sometimes more frequently) will place this (normally over $2.50 jar of Salsa) on sale for .99 cents.  So clip this coupon and when Meijer doubles it, the salsa is FREE!  Not only is it free, its GOOD.  I am noticing the expirations dates on the salsa are more than a year out, so you can stock up!  Rememer that Meijer only doubles TWO of the same coupon PER transaction.