Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Couponing Tip - Target - "one coupon per transaction"

Today while visiting Target  (the one on Sawmill for the local readers) one of the workers informed me that they will be strictly enforcing the "one coupon per transaction" rule.  Be sure to read your coupons before you get to the register to avoid any confusion.  Today I was using almost all Target printables.  They all read "one per transaction."  So you will need to make two separate transactions like you might do at other stores.  So for example today I stacked the Quantum dishwasher coupons (one manufacturer and one target).  That was "okay" to do, however I got two boxes, so I used four coupons total, that part was NOT okay.  I should have done two separate transactions and paid twice.  So just takes a little extra planning and also you can't stock up as easily!  Can wait until I can send Veg Toddler, soon to be preschooler through the line with a stack of coupons!  LOL Just kidding! Just be sure to read your coupons as some do not specify how many you can use, some indicate you can use up to 4 and some list you can use only one during each transaction.  So it really seems they are just enforcing an original rule that went by the way side for a while!  Just be aware! :)  Good luck!

To view Targets Coupon Policy, click HERE.

Graphic thanks to Stretching a Buck Blog (visit her site, she's awesome!)