Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm getting a new mailbox! :)

Recently we began looking for a new mailbox. We wanted one that wasn't the typical run of the mill mailbox from one of our local brick and mortar stores. I found a neat website, , which totally fit the need I have! This site is pretty inclusive for needs, it covers your home needs and commerical needs.  Don't worry I don't have any commerical needs, Veg Mamma is not hiding a set of luxury apartments from you! I wish! Then even have wall mounted mailboxes, if your space is limited. This site has a great feature of live chat, definitely makes it nice if you have a question. It was very easy for me to use; I was glad not to have to use the phone with two noisy boys in the background!
Also, while surfing this site, I found some address plaques and numbers. This is a new trend in our neighborhood to fancy up the outside of your house without spending lots of money. Not only does it make your house look nice but clearly displays your house number clearly for any emergency vehicles that need to find your house. Safety and beauty! So if you are in the shopping mood for a new mailbox or just truly love updating your house by adding a beautiful mailbox, check out this site: Who doesn't love beautiful mailboxes, anyway? :)
I can't wait for my new mailbox to arrive and for the hubs to get it up! :)