Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Bag: Library Pockets and Popsicle Sticks

This was an activity that I made using items that I purchased from the dollar store.  The object of this activity is to match the color of the sticks to the pockets.  The child will place the matching stick into the coordinating pocket.

Toddler Veg loved this activity.  It promotes hand/eye coordination when putting the stick into the pocket, along with fine motor practice, two hand activity practice, color awareness and matching.

If you are making this activity for a busy bag swap, you need:
3 colored library pockets (If you can't find colors you can use a manila color and place construction paper over top or color the pocket)
2 matching color sticks for each pocket; feel free to add more sticks to make more challenging.
Put the above supplies in a quart or gallon bag for each participant.