Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Bag: Foam Match Up

It is my goal this year to make at least one new activity each week for either Toddler Veg or Preschool Veg. I haven't been lacking on making activities; I have been lacking on posting them! I'll do my best to get caught up over the next few weeks :)  We have lots of activities in the following areas: toddler age, preschool age, fine motor skills, counting skills, color recognition skills, shape recognition skills, independent work skills, pre-reading skills and many more!

To make this activity you need:
a bucket of foam stickers (shapes, flowers,vehicles, dinos, whatever you'd like)
marker (use a dark color such as black, navy blue, or brown)
construction paper (try using a brighter shade of paper such as yellow, orange, pink or light blue)

1. Cut the construction paper into halves.  On the first half you are going to draw a grid on the paper, just like the orange piece of paper in the top of the picture.  You should have 8 squares total.  Next, find 4 matching pairs of foam stickers.  STICK one of the stickers from each pair on the top boxes.  Leave the stickers on the others.  This will allow your children to match up stickers without actually stickers the second sticker on the mat.  (making it reusable)
2. Repeat the above steps, except the second half of construction paper should have 6 grids and 3 new matching pairs of foam stickers.

If you are making this for a busy bag swap, each participant will get a mat with 4 columns and a mat with 3 columns as well as matching foam stickers to complete the activity.  It is best if the stickers on each of the mats are different. (So 7 different pairs.)

I usually buy my foam pieces  and construction paper at the Michael's store or the online Michael's store.  Sometimes shopping online is just so much more convenient!  Don't forget to search for michaels online coupon codes before you do your shopping!  Its always great to be able to save time and money! Have fun making your busy bags!

If you are interested in a busy bag swap, keep your eyes open for those! We feature those about every 4 months!  Its an easy and affordable way to get new fun and educational activities for your children. Is there a busy bag idea that you have that you would like to have featured here?  Leave a comment and let me know! We love to share ideas on everything: saving money, DIY, learning activities, recipes and so much more!