Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teacher Gift Ideas: January...brrr it's cold outside

Each month I like to give Preschool Veg's teachers a little 'something' as a thank you!  These teachers work hard and need to feel appreciated!  Believe me, I've been there and done that!  Your thank you can be spontaneous or planned!  It can be daily, weekly, monthly quarterly...whatever you choose!  It can be free to you or cost money!  Regardless a thank you is a thank you and your child's teacher will appreciate it!

This month I gave the teachers a little cup of hot cocoa.  I noticed at the beginning of the year that they had a Keurig machine in their office.  We happen to have one too, so I shared a nice thank you note and a cup of cocoa with each teacher today!  I attached my hand written thank you (on scrapbook paper) with a piece of yarn I had.  Cute, free and appreciated!    (you could easily use some tea bags or packets of hot chocolate mix as well)

What are some of your thank you ideas?  It doesn't have to be for a teacher; it could be for a friend or anyone you choose! :)