Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its's Been An Exciting Week Around Here

It's been an exciting week around here!  I did my first guest blogging post!  Whawhoo!  I was lucky enough to post over at   Have you been to that site yet?

Here are a few sentences directly from their website:  Mom It Forward ™ is a social media community and worldwide network dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, their families, and the communities in which they live. It began in 2008 when co-founder Jyl Johnson Pattee transformed her widely popular “Girls’ Night Out” (#gno™) Twitter parties into a weekly event with purpose. The Twitter parties quickly developed into a community of women at where they could further connect, share information, and make an impact.

Mom It Forward community members are highly engaged and viewed as creditable sources of information to their peers, bringing new life to the old adage “mom knows best.” By partnering with various brands and organizations, Mom It Forward provides the community with in-the-know information via a weekly #gno event. The #gno parties enable women to share and learn about a topic of interest from expert panelists, effectively creating a unique platform for real-time interaction with hundreds of participants.

It is a pretty awesome site and includes "mom" tested/tried information on so many topics!  Here is a direct link to my topic about healthy eating!  While you are there be sure to leave a comment and retweet the article! :)

Come back and let me know what you think!  CLICK HERE to see my article! :)